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Ludd Refuted on Capitalism and Humanity

March 20, 2008

 Here’s a Ludd diatribe the Luddhunter found on the Village Voice comments to David Mamet’s coming-out article declaring his conservatism.  It’s by a real pure Ludd named Mitchell.  Hope he responds, it’s fun to read the screeds of such devout anti-capitalists.



Launching of

March 16, 2008

The new web is finally launched!  Take a look. After much hemming and hawing about how to deploy a sustainable multi-media presentation of libber news and ideas from behind enemy lines, it’s time to break the champagne bottle on the bow.  Wait, can we take a swig first?  This is a low budget operation.


Drugs in my Water! Aaaaugghhh!!!

March 10, 2008

Here’s what Luddhunter posted to the Consumerist thread about the AP story on drugs in our water:

The Scare-Hedge cycle is very rhythmic in this article. A few quotes, in order of appearance:

SCARE1: “A vast array of pharmaceuticals…have been found in the drinking water supplies of at least 41 million Americans.”


The Luddhunter’s Mission

March 9, 2008

Go Tech! I hear the Ludds have been causing a lot of trouble for a lot of good folks in your town, a lot of freedoms being taken based on a lot of scare talk about machines, chemicals, foods, and drugs. Not to worry, I got my Winchester ’73 loaded with clean logic, and sighted to hit the Ludds where they live, right in their sanctimonious talking asses.