The Luddhunter’s Mission

Go Tech! I hear the Ludds have been causing a lot of trouble for a lot of good folks in your town, a lot of freedoms being taken based on a lot of scare talk about machines, chemicals, foods, and drugs. Not to worry, I got my Winchester ’73 loaded with clean logic, and sighted to hit the Ludds where they live, right in their sanctimonious talking asses.

When you speak irrationally, you are talking from the ass. All of us slip up once in a while and violate the rules of logical argument, so all of us have spoken from the ass. But as long as you correct yourself (wash your ass), forgiveness is granted. But Ludds use ass-talk on a regular basis, and worse yet, they have the fantasy that their asses don’t stink, so they don’t even bother to wash them.

How else can you look a productive person in the eye and declare that you know what tech is “FAIR” to tax or regulate, that we need a ban because you “FEEL” for the alleged victims of the production or usage of tech, that you “KNOW MORE” than them what’s dangerous (even if the evidence is purely correlation). The Ludds flatulate this kind of sanctimony every day, and then are indignant when someone complains about the stink, and questions their illogical dogma.

Time to define a Ludd. A Ludd is someone who advocates policy, laws, or sabotage to restrict, modify, ban, or destroy a technology without reasonable proof of danger to the public. This is different from a functional Luddite, a person who is  technology-averse for whatever reason. 

Nerds are the opposite of Ludds: Nerds promote the free creation and IP-secured trade of technology as long as the tech is made reasonably safe to the public by packaging or handling regulations. 

Warning:  Ludds almost universally deny being Ludds, citing some reason why they help develop/support/use some technologies other than the one(s) they persecute.  The Luddhunter and other true Nerds believe that this is like a rapist claiming to be a big supporter of women’s rights.  Once you have raped, you are a rapist, no matter how many NOW meetings you attend.

The Luddhunter’s Mission is to attack and disable the irrational arguments made by the Ludds on technology policy, to clear the air for policy debate on the merits of the dangers and best public use of the technologies in question. Basically the Luddhunter will be un-gently showing the Ludds how to wash their asses. It is dirty and thankless work, but this mission is a vocation that the Luddhunter has decided to answer.

Ideology.  The Ludd motivation is irrelevant to the Luddhunter’s mission. He sees Ludds as a threat to species survival because technology and the freedom to own and use and trade it in a publicly safe manner is the basis of maximizing the chance of survival of the species Homo sapiens.  Ludds exist on the right (monopolists, anti-tech religious zealots or ascetics) and on the left (statists, nativists, nanny-law advocates).  All Ludds are tyrants, all threaten survival.

The Luddhunter listened to Dr. Stephen Hawking on TV today. The world’s most famous physicist said that humans had better be working diligently on new technologies to improve our security from cosmic disasters, including improving our ability to travel to and colonize in space. He was talking about the vulnerability humans have to natural disasters, and that our survival as a species depends on our continued technological development.

The Luddhunter is not anti-regulation, or anti-ban. He is just a libertarian who says let’s err on the side of freedom, and require that danger be declared only by proving the tech is the CAUSE of the ill effect, not simply CORRELATED to it.

The Ludds are always sacrificing technology for ideological gain. Most Ludds rely on three main sentiments to gain support for their bans: 1) Natural FEAR that humans have of the unknown, 2) ANGER: a moral indignation about alleged or potential dangers of a technology and 2) Indoctrinated ENVY: longing tearfully for an idealized egalitarian nanny government which extorts money and restricts/bans technological tools from “wealthy industrialists”, and gives the extorted money and improved “safety” to “poor” (victimized) people, under unsupportable pretenses of “unfairness” and “danger”.

The Luddhunter does not intend to discredit the Ludds’ meritorious arguments. He wants them to argue on the merits, because some of them are very knowledgeable about real science and real causes of danger. He just wants them to stop using irrational sanctimonies of Altruism, Emotionalism, Paternalism, Proselytism, and stop using propaganda, alarmism, and class warfare to extort restrictions without mature science.

The Luddhunter is known as Uncle Freddie on my nephew’s talkshow called The Joey Panto Show. He interviews libertarians (Libbers) and Ludds, where he tries to surgically remove the Sanctus from the Ludd arguments. The show airs Tuesdays and Thursdays 9 pm Pacific, and are archived as podcasts on

Join the fight for free use of technology. Post comments on this blog, or drop me a line on, and listen in on the Joey Panto show.

Git after it,

Freddie Panto


One Response to “The Luddhunter’s Mission”

  1. Joey Panto Says:

    This is the final entry for the Luddhunter. I have forgotten my login info, so I am replying to my mission post.

    All blog activity has been transferred to the front page of my website, These days, the shows are migrating from an interview-based format to mostly a series of satirical commentaries.

    The mission has expanded from technical issues which have been politicized, to a more broad-based, multimedia philosophical defense against statists who practice a particularly arrogant brand of parasitic attacks on freedom.

    I will leave up this blog for archival purposes, but will no longer post to it.

    In Liberty,

    Joey Panto

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