Launching of

The new web is finally launched!  Take a look. After much hemming and hawing about how to deploy a sustainable multi-media presentation of libber news and ideas from behind enemy lines, it’s time to break the champagne bottle on the bow.  Wait, can we take a swig first?  This is a low budget operation.

Other tweaks:

1. The show will go on twice a week, though we wanted to do 4 shows.  Reason is that it takes us longer to prepare real audio and supplementary info to support my commentary on enough news to fill an hour.  Not to mention post-editing, though this time will reduce as we get better at one-take recordings.

2. Audio quality is an issue, as equipment positioning to avoid feedback and speaker chatter is a tricky process.  Bear with us while these anomalies get debugged.  The reason we favor “twangy” music is not only to annoy blue-state Ludd snobs, who look down on free bird Libbers as selfish backward-ass country dickweeds, but because the phone-based telecast has a narrow audio range that happens to pass through banjo, fiddle, and harmonica pretty well.

3.  Ludd Songs is a feature we’d hoped to add, and with some good finds on youtube recently, we linked them in for your jollies.

4. Philosophy planned to be worked in as well, starting with a book list.  Look for that one next week.

5. The JPS Growth Model is something we devised to get a functional view of economic growth.  In particular, we were interested to discover what factors must be in play to get growth, and to identify which factors are at highest risk of disruption or destruction by the Ludds.  The model is a bit thick to read through, so we’re planning to write a Luddhunting Guide which explains principles of growth to make the case for defending technological and economic freedoms, and argue that compromising even a little on some of these freedoms could open the door to de-facto tyranny.

So welcome aboard the USS, the Luddhunter welcomes your feedback, your attendance and/or participation in the shows.  Let’s support our Libber candidates in CA and around the country.  Check out for CA candidate info.


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