Conserve This

Here’s a letter I just wrote to the Nature Conservancy.  I’ll reprint the response if I get one.

Dear Ludds at the Nature Conservancy 

Your radio ad now running in Washington State about climate change destroying habitats which implies that humans are causing animal extinctions is a propagandistic crock of horse hockey.  Your apocalytic wailings are the product of ideological groupthink that disregards reasonable probabilities and advocates return to a pre-industrial utopian wet dream.  What you forget is that “nature” has almost rendered us extinct a few times in early human history, and will do so again if we do not fortify our habitats with walls and heat and supply chains and stores of food.  This takes industrial capacity.  De-industrialize, and we shall certainly become extinct by cataclysm.   I’m for Industrial Conservancy, and I suspect you are for yourselves, but not for others.



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