Get Out of Denver Baby

Ize a-comin’ to the National Libertarian Party Convention!

Will be looking to

1. Interview some libbers with some eagle-eyed insight on the issues of the day, and some eagle-talon barbs for the Ludds.

2. Become a delegate.  Don’t know how, but I’m told it can be some, as long as I’m a card-carrying LP member.

3. Get a natural Rocky Mountain High, and see it rainin’ fire in the sky.

You can still get 99$ rooms if you say you’re going to the convention.  Call the hotel on 303 893 3333.  Ignore the convention website page which says rooms are no longer available, that is an anti-truth.


2 Responses to “Get Out of Denver Baby”

  1. Ludesy Says:

    Was the Duke there?

  2. luddhunter Says:

    Shut up Ludesy, ya f$#.
    Does Bob really want to kill me?

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