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Barr Wins Nomination, with 54%

May 25, 2008

5th ballot: Root eliminated, Ruwart 37%, Barr 36%

May 25, 2008

Root concession speech:

“It’s not over, it’s just starting…I would like to be part of a Barr-Root ticket!”

4th Ballot: Barr and Ruwart tie again, Gravel dropped

May 25, 2008

Barr and Ruwart get 202, Root gets 149, Gravel 78.  Only if 53 of 78 Gravel voters go for Root can he survive.  No Gravel concession speech yet.

3rd Ballot: Preliminary results: Barr and Ruwart tie for first; Phillies gets 31 of 629

May 25, 2008

Barr and Ruwart get 186, Root gets 146, Gravel 78.

Not sure if Phillies eliminated, but his absolute % is under 5….chair just announced Phillies is eliminated, 4th ballot started.

Phillies: “I will not speak ill of a fellow libertarian”

“The enemy is not here…the enemy is out there!!!”  (60 seconds of applause)

2nd ballot: Kubby eliminated; endorses Ruwart

May 25, 2008


Barr 188, 30%

Ruwart 162, 25%

Root 138,  ?%

Gravel 73, ?%

Phillies 36, 6%

Kubby about 30, 4%-eliminated

3rd ballot voting underway

1st ballot at LP 2008: Barr and Ruwart neck & neck with 25%, Root gets 20%

May 25, 2008


Barr, 153 votes, 25%

Ruwart 152 votes, 25%

Root 123 votes, 20%

Gravel 71 votes, 11%

Phillies 49 votes, 8%

Kubby 41 votes, 7%

Jingozian and Smith are eliminated due to not receiving the required 5% to continue.  Interestingly, Jingozian endorsed Gravel right after his own nomination speech.

Of 106 registered delegates from California, 101 voted.  Totals: 38 votes went to Wayne Allyn Root, 20 votes to Ruwart, 17 to Barr, 10 for Phillies, Gravel 9, Kubby 6.

Since the nominee must receive a majority, several ballots are anticipated.  Jingozian just got up and endorsed Gravel again, then Smith just got up and groused about Barr being at the top, inciting cheers initially, then a retaliatory cascade of boos from the Barr supporters, then accused conservatives within the LP of rubberstamping big government programs.

Stay tuned for the results of Ballot 2.

Taking the Delegates’ Temperature

May 24, 2008

Not able to do audio interviews in the ballroom without disrupting, I’m doing quiet conversations on the topic of presidential nomination, in between the main business of the hour, which is platform building.  Long debates on the abortion and immigration planks are tedious and contentious.

So in about 6 informal interviews, the “token” votes I reported earlier which winnowed the field to seven, 3 people gave their token to “get so-and-so into the debate, because my preferred candidate did not need my vote to make it into the debate”.  Two did this for Kubby, one for Phillies.

All were disappointed that Barr did not attend last night’s debate, and wonder if her can carry the libber flag.  We’ll see in 68 minutes.  Next post will be the audio of that debate, if the tech holds up.

to be continued…

Breaking News – LP2008 Debate Finalists – 3-way tie for 1st

May 24, 2008

From the Ballroom, just announced are the vote tallies for the qualifying candidates:

7 candidates are eligible for the presidential nomination and will qualify for tonight’s debate:

Ruwart, 94 votes

Barr, 94 votes

Root, 94 votes

Gravel, 67 votes

Jingozian, 63 votes

Phillies, 62 votes

Kubby, 60 votes

Debate will start at 7pm Central, and I will attempt to record it.

LP 2008 Day 2 Recap

May 24, 2008

Uncertainty is the only certainty of the outcome of the convention.  Rumors abound of Bob Barr having 200 of the 550 or so available votes locked up.  Canvassing the delegates, about half seem to be more dogmatic libertarians who do not trust recent converts like Barr and Gravel, or left-leaning candidates like Kubby and Imperato, but half are willing to compromise some libertarian ideals to gain overall improvement of libertarian influence on the November election.  There do not seem to be right-leaning candidates except Barr, but that may be because the prevailing anti-Bush sentiment scares off anyone who might be seen as supporting anything Bush has done.  Moderates like Ruwart and Phillies have resonant messages of compromise and pragmatism.

My new interviews posted:

Dr. Mary Ruwart, Presidential Candidate

Daniel Imperato, Presidential Candidate

Troy Dayton, Senior Development Officer, Marijuana Policy Project

Sharon Harris, President of Advocates for Self-Government

All-Candidate Debate, Round 2, Friday Night

See  for interview postings and audio chunks broken out of the debate questions and responses.

My impression of the debates is that the most charismatic speaker is Wayne Root, the wittiest is George Phillies, the wisest is 77-yr old Mike Gravel with his long and eventful career in Washington, the most insightful and articulate is Mary Ruwart, the most worldly is Daniel Imperato.   Jim Burns, Christine Smith, and Alden Link seem to be longshots, but all speakers except Link were able to energize the crowd, and no one candidate dominated the event.  Kubby seems to be a one-issue candidate (medical marijuana).  Root and Jingozian, while having business credibility, financial power and connections (Root more than Jingozian) have no political experience, but that is as much seen as a plus in this community as a minus.  

Bob Barr was a no-show, perhaps wanting to wait till the pack thins, acting like he has “a first round bye” in sports terminology, not needing to mix it up with longshot candidates,..or maybe he’s just not prepared to debate yet, and is practicing for the tough questions on his reversals.

Back to the floor….to be continued….

Bob Barr’s Epiphany

May 23, 2008

Just posted interviews on  with Bob Barr and his campaign manager Russ Verney.  Both spoke of Bob’s 9/11 epiphany on suspension of civil liberties in the aftermath of the attack, and his rapid mobilization of a campaign team 11 days ago.