First 5 Interviews from LP2008

Goodness gracious, great balls of liberty!  It takes gonads of steel to run for office, with all the flesh to press and sorting the parasites from the true allies.  On another break from the floor, the interviews from which that I just completed will cause this podunk website to be upgraded to a hamlet.  I have been fortunate enough to talk with several very talented and dedicated candidates and activists since the last post about 7 hours ago.

They are:

Peter Beary, volunteer for Wayne Allen Root, Presidential Candidate

Jim Burns, Presidential Candidate from Las Vegas, Nevada

Daniel Williams, Vice-Presidential Candidate form Naples, FL

Lonnie Holcomb, Delegate from Idaho, Computer Security Consultant on the subject of information security

George Phillies, Presidential Candidate from Worcester, MA

I had a great time doing these interviews, and will be doing several more in the coming days.

Look for these recordings on  hopefully tonight, tomorrow for sure.

Heading back for more…stay tuned, to be continued…


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