Taking the Delegates’ Temperature

Not able to do audio interviews in the ballroom without disrupting, I’m doing quiet conversations on the topic of presidential nomination, in between the main business of the hour, which is platform building.  Long debates on the abortion and immigration planks are tedious and contentious.

So in about 6 informal interviews, the “token” votes I reported earlier which winnowed the field to seven, 3 people gave their token to “get so-and-so into the debate, because my preferred candidate did not need my vote to make it into the debate”.  Two did this for Kubby, one for Phillies.

All were disappointed that Barr did not attend last night’s debate, and wonder if her can carry the libber flag.  We’ll see in 68 minutes.  Next post will be the audio of that debate, if the tech holds up.

to be continued…


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