1st ballot at LP 2008: Barr and Ruwart neck & neck with 25%, Root gets 20%


Barr, 153 votes, 25%

Ruwart 152 votes, 25%

Root 123 votes, 20%

Gravel 71 votes, 11%

Phillies 49 votes, 8%

Kubby 41 votes, 7%

Jingozian and Smith are eliminated due to not receiving the required 5% to continue.  Interestingly, Jingozian endorsed Gravel right after his own nomination speech.

Of 106 registered delegates from California, 101 voted.  Totals: 38 votes went to Wayne Allyn Root, 20 votes to Ruwart, 17 to Barr, 10 for Phillies, Gravel 9, Kubby 6.

Since the nominee must receive a majority, several ballots are anticipated.  Jingozian just got up and endorsed Gravel again, then Smith just got up and groused about Barr being at the top, inciting cheers initially, then a retaliatory cascade of boos from the Barr supporters, then accused conservatives within the LP of rubberstamping big government programs.

Stay tuned for the results of Ballot 2.


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