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Luna’s questions addressed on scienceblogs…and brilliantly, I might add

July 25, 2008

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Goebbels comment retracted – scienceblogs moderator had good explanation, comments were eventually posted

July 25, 2008

My bad, should’ve considered the moderator may not have been working 24-7.

The thread in question

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July 24, 2008

Made a long post retort to Jim51 on scienceblogs.  Spiked by whoever-the-fuck.  Here’s my spike retort.  Unfortunately didn’t copy the long retort.  Live and learn to get cornholed by tin-dick tyrants.


My last post got spiked by the moderator.  Classic Goebbels move.  Can’t take the truth huh, tyrant?
I’m keeping a record of spikes by Ludd tyrants.
Basic message was: no consensus.  This thread ain’t about science.  It’s about Ludd propaganda.
APS dissent proves it.
Spike this Goebbels (pointing to my crotch)
Joey Panto

Busting the chops of the doc who says your phone can kill you

July 24, 2008


Prominent Cancer Doctor Warns About Cellphones

The head of a prominent cancer research institute has warned his faculty and staff to limit cellphone use because of a possible cancer risk, The Associated Press reports.

Dr. Ronald B. Herberman, the director of the University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute, notes that while the evidence about a cellphone-cancer link remains unclear, people should take precautions, particularly for children….



Classic headline hunting by Herberman.

The precautionary principle can be used rationally (no science needed to avoid obvious causes of harm), or irrationally (no evidence exists for X causing harm, but there are some correlations, no matter how weak, so you should avoid X).

Starstruck scientsts like Herberman love the precautionary principle (PP) because it allows them to get attention without doing real work.

Anti-technology statists (Ludds) also love the PP because it’s so easy to spin vague correlations into full-blown technology scares. In this way, they motivate irrational bans, and further their agenda of stopping technical progress and economic growth.

AZ above is an obvious Ludd:
“There is no harm created by lessening or discontinuing cell phone use.”

This statement is economically absurd. He/she sees no downside to not using a device which by any account improves productivity greatly for mobile business users.

Herberman making this kind of public statement is like yelling fire in the proverbial crowded theater. There ought to be legal consequences if some Ludd-loaded city council bans cell phone use in any way due to this junk science.

Joey Panto

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Pope Al’s Edict Challenged by The Luddhunter on

July 24, 2008

The pontiff of the Church of Global Warming Hysteria has challenged the U.S. to eliminate carbon-emitting power plants by 2018.  I challenge some of his AGW grant-addicted minions on to defend the pope’s edict.

Arguments “Stuffed” with Socialist Dreams and “Starved” of Economic Logic

July 20, 2008

Here’s my response to Raj Patel’s post on his blog named after his collectivist work on food shortages “Stuffed and Starved”:

Your incessant indignant demonization of capitalism as the cause of food shortages does not distract me or anyone else who understands markets from the fact that your economic arguments are Marxist drivel, and your cultural food practice critiques are statist utopian fantasies:

1. This propagandistic documentary you embed was produced by Al-Jazeera, not exactly a credible journal for discovering economic root causes of shortages. No surprise they blame the U.S. for the majority of the problem. However I agree that protectionism and subsidies damage economies, including Haiti’s, and I think the US should eliminate farm subsidies.

2. On the CSPAN interview with Evan Kleiman (another collectivist with masturbatory polyannic visions), you imply that India was better off with a feudal system of food production and distribution, you concur with Kleiman that “corporate greed” is the reason for current shortages, you imply that we are worse off because people are “forced” to spend less time preparing food, because they don’t get paid enough or don’t have a 2-hr lunchbreak….that we are “joyless” when we eat now…no surprise you advocate “living wages”, universal healthcare, mandatory 2 hour lunches, and other ridiculous radical leftist dreams.

Let me help you out:

1. Food shortages are caused by either actual crop failure or natural barriers restricting distibution, or centralized economic policy: intentional restriction of supply, or price controls (3rd party pricing, subsidies, tariffs, taxes, or excessive regulations). You know that the Haitian shortages are caused by bad central policy that includes Haitian bad policy, not just bad US policy).

2. India has 1 billion people now and a fast growing economy because of capitalism, and only needing 8 minutes to prepare a meal. People CHOOSE to prepare food for 8 minutes, they’re not “forced”, they simply want to build their wealth, health, and security by doing what they are good at. No shocker that your “Slow Food” program you advocate was born out of socialism, as you admit. Old ideology, discredited, and rightfully derided.

3. Your admitted anger over the food situation is not an argument for the economic sense of your analysis. If people are angry about it, maybe they should work to get rid of illiberal policies which create artificial shortages and surpluses.

Why don’t you read a little of “Wealth of Nations” and compare it logically and historically to the promise of “The Communist Manifesto”, as ask yourself if you want to teach your kids be latched mentally and physically to the big tits of government for their whole lives, or would you perhaps be prouder if they were independent self-starters?

Stop being a parasite, get off the wagon, and grab a rope and start pulling your weight.

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July 2, 2008

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