Spiked by the tyrant snatch on scienceblogs.com

Made a long post retort to Jim51 on scienceblogs.  Spiked by whoever-the-fuck.  Here’s my spike retort.  Unfortunately didn’t copy the long retort.  Live and learn to get cornholed by tin-dick tyrants.


My last post got spiked by the moderator.  Classic Goebbels move.  Can’t take the truth huh, tyrant?
I’m keeping a record of spikes by Ludd tyrants.
Basic message was: no consensus.  This thread ain’t about science.  It’s about Ludd propaganda.
APS dissent proves it.
Spike this Goebbels (pointing to my crotch)
Joey Panto


2 Responses to “Spiked by the tyrant snatch on scienceblogs.com”

  1. Lawrence Says:

    From that website:

    “When comments contain multiple links, the filter sometimes assumes they are spam. These are automatically held in a separate folder for approval. For this reason, you experienced a delay before publication.”

    Apparently you weren’t censored at all.

  2. luddhunter Says:

    My bad, Lawrence. Retraction in work.

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