Mandated Livestock Exercise? What’s Next, Unlimited Death Row Appeals to the Governator?

My take on Prop 2, posted on orangejuiceblog about animal exercise reg.


I’m for animal exercise for a totally utilitarian reason, but I’m not for prop 2 if it requires animal exercise.

A better muscled, leaner animal will have a higher quality meat than a sedentary one, and whenever I could afford exercised livestock meat products, I would buy them.

So it’s a win-win, if you can say that the animal has a higher quality life through exercise before it is slaughtered.

But I don’t support mandating exercise, because if a livestock company wants to try for a price/quality point that is lower quality-lower price, they should be able to go for it.  Mandating exercise will drive the price up for all animals that are affected by the regulation.

The sabre-cats never let our ancestors run around for a while before catching us for the evening feast, so now that we’re on top of the food chain, we (individually) should get to make the choice of what food we hunt and gather and how we prepare it.


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