Joe Romm spikes Luddhunter, then issues a spike-recantation combined with “debunk” brushoff

Ludd Joe Romm on his climateprogress Gustav alarmist post tried to brush me off as a troll and called my citations “long-debunked”.  Here’s my response:


OK forget CEI. I noticed you didn’t mention my second source for claiming Non-Consensus: the Geophysical Research Letters science that came out last year, so if you’ve debunked it, it’s not “long-debunked”, and I’d like to see the debunk.  If you spike this one, I’ll know I’m on to something.  I’ll take your debunk at face value and promise not to troll again (on this thread). pubs/ crossref/ 2007/ 2006GL028836.shtml

Calling someone a Ludd and requesting they don’t breed more Ludds is not ad hominem.  The former is a simple characterization of someone who advocates a ban/reg/tax without a viable replacement and without a strong case for safety impact.  The latter is just good comedy.  The Mating Curse is one of my staples for Ludds… like all good comedy, it’s half rational…if you were an ECONOMIC parasite on humanity, as are all able bodied individuals who willingly stifle growth for social/political gain, doesn’t genetic de-selection advantage the species?  Lighten up, Joe, it’s derision.  You gotta be able to think on your feet in the polemic mud pen.  You came in the mudpen when you started recommending policy, I’m not dumb enough to go in your science ivory tower and get my ass kicked.

I know you’re not insecure enough to run an echo chamber, so please, debunk away.


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