Romm Sophistry: Claims Luddhunter’s source is “not germane” – see for yourself

Joe Romm is rattled.  If my cite on Joe’s Echo Chamber blog is not germane, then my farts can cure lupus.
My response to minion Benson-mum (which may indeed be spiked this time, by the appeals of his minions):

Joe didn’t show you all the 1st post. My beef is consensus for AGW-caused increase in hurricane intensity does not exist. Joe’s title of the post and the points therein are in direct conflict with the study produced by GRL.

For Joe to claim it is not germane is sophistry at best, stonewalling at worst. Here’s the abstract.

“Recently documented trends in the existing records of hurricane intensity and their relationship to increasing sea surface temperatures suggest that hurricane intensity may be increasing due to global warming. However, it is presently being argued that the existing global hurricane records are too inconsistent to accurately measure trends. As a first step in addressing this debate, we constructed a more homogeneous global record of hurricane intensity and found that previously documented trends in some ocean basins are well supported, but in others the existing records contain trends that may be inflated or spurious.”

Not germane? Not to anyone but a strict semantic anal-retainer. What is called for is a refutation of the GRL paper. Not a tome, how about a paragraph or two? Just show you’re not a zealot. And I swear I won’t rebut because I am not qualified. If you don’t refute, it is a sure sign of dogmatic behavior, which is exactly what I am hunting and what other skeptics use to discredit. Your credibility is zero if you don’t even attempt to refute or continue to claim irrelevance on such an obvious counter-thesis. Should be easy for all you smug Romm-ditto-heads. I’ll take a refutation from anyone in the room at this point. I’m sure Ludd Joe has a What-should-we-ban-next soire to go to. Joe, please give your minions permission to refute if you’re too busy Ludding.


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