Baggin’ on a Ludd who was inconvenienced by voting

Here’s my response on a libber blog about a ludd who bitched about taking an hour to vote on election day.

Ditto DFW,
The Ludds in the urban archipelago frequently bitch about any work they need to do.  It is not just their confusion of civic responsibility with economic responsibility, it is their confusion about responsibility in general.

In their egalitarian (egalita-ratfuck) vision, these faggoty fixers do not like a society that forces people to compete and be personally responsible, as the productive people in in our culture do.  That is why they slob the historical knob of Karl Marx and work so hard on advocating policy which effectively centralizes the major economic decisions and co-opt big market players to establish de-facto control over industry.

These tin-horn unweaned tyrants want government and her big tasty titties to pick and control industrial winners so that they can realize their infantile limp dick vision of fairness, which is price and wage controls, and massive redistribution of housing, health, and money…EVEN IF it means crippling the economy and shortages of most products and services.

Now their Robin Hood Butt Boy Obama is elected, and they expect him to nance around in his green tights and bow and arrow, and rob from the rich and give to the poor…and all that looter state policy will do is earn those utopian dreamers in the middle class a big federal internal revenue sodomization.


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