Took a dump over on the DailyKos today…sick of these bailouts

Thread 1 dump:  A “Paul Broun is crazy” clusterfuck

Thread 2 dump: An Auto Bailout Circle Jerk

Text of my rant:

You statist punks on this thread must be creaming in your collectivist jeans over these daily bailout calls.  This is the 72 virgins you dreamt of when your pillowbiting Knight in Shimmery Satin, Barney Frank and his p_ss-boy Chris Dodd aided the sabotage of the housing market years ago.  The inevitable socialist coup going on now must be like a never-ending orgasm for you Leviathan-knob-slobbers.

F_ckin parasites, all of you. But be careful what you wish for. There is only so much tax extortion money you can use.  You can’t bail out every bloated, overregulated, govt co-opted, union-slacker-infested dinosaur.  Some will die a horrible death, with screwdriver turning union idiots losing their 45$/hr jobs that would be $10/hr in a free market, and losing their pensions, and having to work their last 5 years for Toyota at 1/3 the pay.  Justice served for parasiting for so many years.

And when the money runs out, you useless b_stards might just have to compete and add value to stay employed.  Or do you all still live with your mommies and breast-feed when for comfort when you worry about having to get a real job?

No charge for the Luddhunter’s tough love today.


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