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A “Denier” Rants Mightily on a Gristmill Greenie

September 24, 2008

I predict the Luddhunter will be kicked out of Gristmill soon.  Here’s a rant on an AGW denier article.  I’m “Luddhunter2” about 10 comments down.


Luddthumpin’, from Hurricanes to Oil Prices

September 3, 2008

Doin’ some Luddthumpin’ on a Joe Romm screed on Gristmill.  I outed him as a dogmatic spiker on the hurricane issue, then beat on “vakibs” a bit about oil prices.

Ludd Joe Romm Nerd-pummeled for saying global warming will make Hurrican Gustav more deadly

August 31, 2008

There is no consensus evidence that Hurricane Gustav’s power is being increased by global warming.  I crash Ludd Joe Romm on his blog which argues that once again, evil industrial emissions which have warmed the earth will kill innocent New Orleans denizens.


There’s enough valid skepticism about whether global warming increases hurricane power that makes your public case for CO2 abortion nothing more than propaganda disguised as science. (more…)

Good doggie, Michael Dell, you may make it into the oligarchy if you keep up the obedience

August 26, 2008

Here’s my response to a post on The EcoInnovator about Dell’s green genuflection to the Green Altar by achieve “carbon neutrality”:


What a waste of time.  Parker, you must have flunked anything that addes value other than pure PR for consumption by the green shirt extorters in your local legislature and acitivist NGO’s. 

Ah, but someone has to wave the green flag for Dell, because to flap your buttcheeks at the eco-freaks and tell them they’re full of shit is to let your competitors get in tight with the legislators and their NGO Rasputins and gain a compliance advantage.  Carbon Neutrality is just one Ludd constraint which regulators threaten to make law, or de-facto law.  So Dell rolls over and plays fetch for them and hand them the very important example of arbitrary power over industry that they intend to wield like the threat of a Gestapo raid.

The Great Green Shakedown is part of a concerted strategy by the green NGO’s and Democratic (and sometimes Republican) legislators to form new and lasting quid pro quo relationships with big companies that involve negotiating compliance to ever-more complex regulations on so-called harmful emissions.  These relationships and regulatory green briar patches are growing into monopolistic industrial fortresses which small or medium-sized businesses will find ever more difficult to compete with.

If major regulatory legislation goes through, such as a massive carbon-trading scheme, not only will economic growth slow and perhaps reverse, the end result will be industrial consolidation to a few large, government entwined/controlled behemoths which will set prices and kick back to legislators and NGO executives in the form of recognition at high profile propaganda events and fetes of all types.  The elite will consolidate power in Politburo-Industrial Mafia style, and competition as we know it today will disappear.

The only Eco-innovation in this scheme is a massive oligarchy in green drag.

These comments are posted on  If they are spiked on this blog, the libertarian community who watches for green propaganda excretions will put this blog on their list.  If they are posted, we appreciate your airing our opinions.

Dr. Chicken Little John Holdren Fried for Alarmist Clucking

August 21, 2008

Check out the Luddhunter’s poultry pummeling of Holdren’s sanctimonious “Stages of Climate Denial”.  My comment is #231.  There are many good refutations above mine, and many fervent defenses by the Doomwagon Faithful.  Excellent example of the dogmatic nature of AGW advocacy.

Luna’s questions addressed on scienceblogs…and brilliantly, I might add

July 25, 2008

Latest joust

Goebbels comment retracted – scienceblogs moderator had good explanation, comments were eventually posted

July 25, 2008

My bad, should’ve considered the moderator may not have been working 24-7.

The thread in question

Spiked by the tyrant snatch on

July 24, 2008

Made a long post retort to Jim51 on scienceblogs.  Spiked by whoever-the-fuck.  Here’s my spike retort.  Unfortunately didn’t copy the long retort.  Live and learn to get cornholed by tin-dick tyrants.


My last post got spiked by the moderator.  Classic Goebbels move.  Can’t take the truth huh, tyrant?
I’m keeping a record of spikes by Ludd tyrants.
Basic message was: no consensus.  This thread ain’t about science.  It’s about Ludd propaganda.
APS dissent proves it.
Spike this Goebbels (pointing to my crotch)
Joey Panto

Pope Al’s Edict Challenged by The Luddhunter on

July 24, 2008

The pontiff of the Church of Global Warming Hysteria has challenged the U.S. to eliminate carbon-emitting power plants by 2018.  I challenge some of his AGW grant-addicted minions on to defend the pope’s edict.